Other Witnesses Quizzed by District Attorney on Dance Hall Shooting.


Chester C. White, Employer of Dead Man, Says He Drew Gun in Self-defense.

Investigation today into the fatal shooting yesterday of Arthur Bowe, 26, or 211 North Edwards Avenue, Eastwood, by Chester C. White, 25, of 242 North Edwards Avenue, Let loose charges by Eastwood authorities that lawless conditions with which they have been unable to cope with there led directly to the tragedy.

Bowe, the father of two young children, was wounded while trying to act as peacemaker in a row in front of the Domino Inn, James Street and Stafford Avenue, at 3:40 o’clock yesterday morning. White fired the fatal shot while in a scuffle with Herman Staats, 24, of Camillus and Augustus HartKopf, 28, of  Syracuse according to their lawyer.

Bowe and White had attended a dance earlier with their wives.  The men continued the party after midnight at the inn, and White had a brush there after an accidental collision with a woman on the dance floor.  The scuffle and it fatal outcome outdoors followed.

Shot Through Abdomen.

Bowe died in the Hospital of the Good Shepherd late yesterday afternoon, punctured through the abdomen by a .32-calibre revolver bullet which entered the left side and lodged just under the skin in the right hip.  White was arrested soon after the shooting.

Besides Staats and Hartkopf, other witnesses at the district attorney’s office today included Beryl Dane, 32, Syracuse, Louis Kemper, 26, Camillus and Ernest  Brandt, 27, Syracuse, all represented by F. A. Lyman as their lawyer.  He insisted that his clients had not been drinking and that they had no woman in their party.  Hartkopf danced with a woman acquaintance there., Lyman said, but the couple did not arrive together.

Staats pitched on White in front of the place when he saw Hartkopf and Bowed apparently squaring off for a fist fight., according to the lawyer’s version.  Staats thought White was going to mix in a fight between Bowe and Hartkopf, Lyman said.  White, who is proprietor of a James Street Bakery where Bowe was employed, is held.  Two Eastwood witnesses are missing.  Other witnesses have been allowed to go after making statements. District Attorney Malpass obtained an ante-mortem statement from Bowe.

Eastwood Officers Aroused.

The death of on resident and arrest of another has arousd Eastwood offcials.  They charge that half a dozen establishments are brazenly selling booze day and  night in James Street extension of the most fashionable Syracuse thoroughfare.

According to the combined stories of White and Bowe, who was able to tell something of the fight before he died, the two men went to Domino Inn shortly after midnight yesterday morning after the had taken their wives home from a dance at H…

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Source : Syracuse Herald, Monday Evening, November 24, 1924