Vandal Rips 17 Tires in Shotwell Park Garages

Urge Police Throw Guard Around Area

Puncture Believed to Be Maniac, Police Told

Brief Case Stolen

Same Man Slashed 25 Tires Some Time Thursday Night

Residents of the Shotwell Park section are up in arms today with demands that police throw a net about that vicinity and round up the vandal who is puncturing automobile tires with an ice pick.

Last night there were two garages entered and 17 tires punctured by the marauder, believed to be somewhat of a maniac.  The night before last the vandal perforated 25 tires.

The victims last night were E.R. Bishop, 158 Shotwell Park; J. J. MacWilliams, 170 Shotwell Park, and Charles E. Lipe, 710 Rugby Road.

Mr. Bishop’s garage was forced open, the five tires on his car badly punctured.  The cars owned by Mr. MacWilliams and Mr. Lipe, both in a garage at the rear of the MacWilliams’ home, has six tires each deflated.  All 12 tires badly punctured.

Mr. MacWilliams said his dog barked during the night, probably at the time the vandal was at work, but no attention was paid to it as they thought the animal might be barking at a passing car.

Two brief cases, containing papers of no value to anyone but the owner, were taken from Mr. MacWilliams car but tools and other valuables about the garage were untouched.

Thursday night the same vanndal punctured 25 tires on cars owned by R. L. Manning, executive of L.  C. Smith & Corona Typewriter Company, Lawrence Witherill of  Witherill’s store, and Paul Jordan, head of the firm Harris, Forbes & Company, all residents in the Shotwell Park section.

Policy say the vandal must be demented.  They can figure no reason for his action and a close guard will be kept about the Shotwell area in an effort to track him down.

Source : Syracuse Herald, October 27, 1928